Coming soon: monthly recorded free webinars with healers, facilitators and teachers sharing their message with you

Due to my work as a channeler I am so lucky to meet incredible, inspiring people every single day: visionaries, idealists, healers, teachers, authors, musicians, artists, activists, mothers, fathers, lovers of life, change makers,… I channel for amazing people and I am so grateful. I have often thought: Wouldn’t it be incredible if you all met each other? Everyone of you in your own unique way shares such a beautiful and unique message.

This is why I have decided: From now on I am going to facilitate regular Soulful conversations webinars where I speak with one interesting, amazing, inspiring person who shares one of their gifts/areas of expertise with the listeners and me. I will ask them about their work, their vision, what inspires them and people listening to the webinar are welcome to ask questions as well. So if you would like to join me to listen to one of the next free interview-webinars please feel free to sign up to my free newsletter and I will send you the details.

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If you are a coach,healer, teacher, author and /or have an inspiring message to share with the world and if you are interested in sharing your message during a Soulful conversation that people can join live and that will then be featured below please email me and I will be delighted to co-create this with you:

Please find the replay of one of our Soulful Conversations below: