Window into the heart of a man: An interview with transformational coach Julia Schneider

Rhiannon Augenthaler

Julia Schneider

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About the Webinar:

Julia discusses what she has been learning during her very eye opening recent project called:

Window into the heart of a man

During this project she has been interviewing men, asking them some very interesting questions.

This is a webinar for women who are interested in understanding men, in having great relationships with men, in opening their heart to a man and in receiving great love in return.

Love is very important to most of us and many of us would probably say that love and being able to experience a deeply loving and fulfilling relationship is a big priority in life.
Yet many of us experience blocks to love, many of us have been disappointed, have felt let down or have experienced severe heart break, perhaps more than once.

Perhaps you can identify with Julia’s journey. Are you ready to upgrade your relationship destiny?

This is what Julia says:

“Many years ago, I remember being really confused and frustrated about the state of my relationships with men. Things went generally well in the beginning of each relationship, but pretty soon it all went downhill until the relationship was no longer worth having for either of us. Somehow our initial passion would turn into disappointment, our joy into upset and dissatisfaction and our relationship would end up feeling more like a prison than a place that both of us were happy in.

So one day, I asked myself the same questions you might be asking yourself right now: “What if it didn’t have to be this way? What if I’m missing something really important, the knowledge of which would help me turn my relationship destiny around? What if I simply don’t yet understand men?”

And these questions, my friend, unlock an entire new world of possibilities when it comes to our relationship with men!

Over the years I studied with incredible women such as Alison Armstrong, Katherine Woodward Thomas, Claire Zammit,  Arielle Ford and many more and discovered that men are truly amazing ! The way they love us and care about us and our well-being  is nothing short of incredible.

But don’t take my word for it:)! I want you to hear this for yourselves. I created this interview series because I know that even though I could tell you SO MANY stories about how wonderful men are and how deeply and unshakeably they love and cherish us,  it will be even better for you to hear this directly from them:).

As for me, I absolutely LOVE doing these interviews and plan to continue this series for the foreseeable future.

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This is a message from Julia to you:

“Hello beautiful women, I am so excited to share with you about the “A Window Into The Heart of a Man” interview series and answer any questions you might have. I created this series because I know that when women experience the right kind of care and support in their relationships, they blossom, thrive and have the power to change the world. My intention with this series is to show you how amazing most men in this world are and encourage you to open up to the possibility of having an incredible relationship with the men in your lives. I am looking forward to being with you this Sunday.

– Julia”


And this is some of the content she will be covering:

Ever wish you could see into the heart of a man?

Well, now you can!

Julia will share with us what she has been learning from interviewing men and after she has been asking them some very deep questions:

– Their love and deep care for women

– What they believe makes a woman a great partner

– What they believe are the keys to a great relationship

– What qualities they appreciate most about women (hint, it has little to do with physical appearance)

– And much, much more!

I totally agree with her: ” When women experience the right kind of care and support in their relationships, they blossom, thrive and have the power to change the world. ”

From now on I am going to interview one interesting, amazing, inspiring person per month. So if you would like to join me during one of the next free interview-webinars please feel free to sign up to my free newsletter and I will be happy to send you the details:


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