Tuesday, Oct. 9, 7-9pm – Channeling for charity Event in Vienna’s 7th district

Moringa: A New Chance

Tree Planting Project

for an Orphanage in Kenya

Tuesday, Oct. 9, 7-9pm, doors open at 6:30 pm

On this evening you will receive channeled messages, which will touch the depths of your soul.


Rhiannon will channel Spirit and many guides, making their messages audible for us all to hear.

This event will be facilitated in the german language.

We will receive exactly the messages, which are the most relevant for each and every one of us at that particular time.

After in-depth initial messages and a channeled meditation, there will be an opportunity to pose questions, and to receive channeled responses from Spirit and the guides.

The Ascended Masters have often said in channeled messages, “Rather than give those in need an apple to eat, support them by planting an apple tree.”

This important message will be directly implemented in a way naturally suited to the present vegetation of Kenya.

With your participation in this event and your donation you will support the realization of this important message and vision.

The net proceeds of the evening are dedicated to a project, which has arisen from a pioneering vision received by Eva Sophia, the project founder, during her volunteer work at an orphanage in Kenya. Your donation will be used to plant and look after moringa trees on the grounds of an orphanage in Kenya, and to teach some of the locals, the ones who currently live in poverty andin highly challenging circumstances, to use these nutritional leaves, known throughout the world as a super food, as well as the trees’ seeds and oil to feed themselves and others.

Not only the trees’ leaves, but also their seeds and oil can be used in the future by those who need them most urgently as a source of nutrition and income.  This means caring for others to enable them to care for themselves.

Let’s work together to allow an indescribably important priority become a reality:

May all humans have enough to eat, clean water to drink, and a roof over their heads, so they are able to sleep in safety.

Altogether we can achieve a small but infinitely powerful contribution to make this vision a reality.

Your prayers, your meditation, the  love in your heart, your presence, and your participation are an incredibly important energetic contribution. Your contribution counts. The contribution of each individual is important.

We very much look forward to this special evening, to the implementation of this project, to you and your participation.


With love,


Rhiannon and Eva Sophia


Your contribution for your participation in this event: a voluntary financial donation and of course your presence and positive energy.

. The net proceeds of the evening will be donated to the Moringa Tree Planting Project.

Registration: due to limited space, participation at this event is only possible by an advanced reservation. We will send you the address of the venue after you have reserved a place.

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This event will take place in the german language.

Using the following link you can find further information about this project:

Please click here to read more detailed information about the moringa tree project.