The Art of Channeling Oct 27-28 2018

Would you like to learn to channel Spirit and the Ascended Masters?

An introductory course: The art of channeling

We are going to cover all the required steps of opening to channel. Of course there will be time to answer your questions as they arise and there will also be the opportunity for you to practice to channel.

I am really, really looking forward to it.

This channeling workshop will take place on a very cozy houseboat surrounded by trees.

Spaces are limited due to the house boat being small-ish and also it is a priority for me that
we will have plenty of time to focus on everyone’s questions.

The gift of being able to communicate to our Spiritual guides is possible for all of us.

Learning to channel is similar to learning to play a musical instrument or to speak a foreign language.

No previous experience in channeling is required to successfully take part in this workshop.

Being able to channel for yourself and others simply feels amazing. It is energizing, brings clarity and healing and can take all life areas to a whole new level.

When: Saturday and Sunday, 27th and 28th of October, 11 am till 7 pm

Where: on a houseboat sanctuary in London Watford (I’ll send you detailed directions)

How much is it? : 180£ or 160£ concession

If you are interested but still have some questions before you want to decide whether or not you would like to be there
please message me via the link below:

Questions about the workshop: The art of channeling

If you want to sign up to the workshop please message me via this link below:

The art of channeling: 27 & 28th of October

I am looking forward to channeling for and with you.


Much Love,