Nurturing the nurturer

Nurturing the nurturer

A channeled live-online course

*Date & Time to be determined

Are you in a healing/helping profession? Do you give a lot with plenty of idealism, skill, intuition and love… and once you’ve given a lot … you give some more? Does what you do, your unique service to the world totally make a difference in peoples lives?

Do you sometimes when the going gets tough in your own life think: “I wish there was someone I could go to who does exactly what I do.”

Are you supportive, nurturing, loving, endlessly patient with others but not always with yourself?

Does everyone want to be your best friend and do people often ask you something along the lines of: “How come you are so wonderful? Do you ever have problems?”

Do you look radiant, bright and shining to others even when your own world just has been rocked and when your own life has been shaken?

Do you sometimes ring a friend to ask for help and before you know it the conversation turns around and is all about them and their challenges again?

Are you known as “the strong one” in your circles?

Is it hard to cry sometimes, even when you’re really sad?

Are you in a giving profession and a single parent?

Are you a caregiver for somebody who is unwell?

Are you taking care of everything and have done so for a very long time?

If you have answered “yes” to some of the above questions, chances are you are a nurturer and chances are you give more than you receive.
(And chances are that that takes its toll on you and that you are very aware of that and had you known how to move beyond this one way street of energy flow you would have moved on from it a long time ago…)

This channeled live online course offers the opportunity to receive, to have time for you, to be seen and heard and to be supported in allowing your life to shift into a place of balance: into a healthy balance of giving and receiving.

In a playful and relaxed way you will receive support and nurturing with channeled meditations and messages and with down to Earth, easy and practical suggestions on how to move forward in life in a way that supports you, that’s sustainable and fun…

If you are interested in this online-course please click here

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If the above description reminds you of someone you know, of a friend, your partner or a relative please feel free to forward the information about this upcoming course to them.

There are many nurturers out there who so deserve support:

* with melting away anything that still might be in the way on the subtle energetic levels even after years of determined inner work and

* in consciously and unconsciously giving themselves permission to fully receive, to be well and to live a good life.

I am very much looking forward to facilitating this course.

Much love