Dating advice by the Ascended Masters:Channeled Messages and answers from the Daoist Priestesses of love

Image by Jurgen Ziewe

Image by Jurgen Ziewe

When: Thursday 21st of January at 7pm UK time,  8pm CET, 11 am PST.

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FREE live webinar
with the Daoist Priestesses of love channeled by Rhiannon

This is a free in depth one hour taster session for anyone who would like to get to know the Ascended Masters and /or me and my work for the first time.

During this webinar you will receive:

* Channeled messages about love, romance and dating.


* Hear all about what the Ascended Masters would do differently in their love lives
if they decided to have another life time on earth.

as well as channeled answers to the following questions and more:

** “How can we find and create a deep,meaningful and lasting love with another soul whom we feel profoundly connected to ?”

** “Where is he/she hiding and how and where can I find him/her?”

** “Why isn’t he/she here yet and what can I do about that?”

** ” I am only ever attracted to alpha males, yet that never worked for me!Help please!!”

** ” I feel too shy to ever meet anyone or to even ever talk to anyone let alone
to ever ask anyone out on a date.”

** ” I am nearly ready to give up on love… Just nearly though… Can you help?”

** “How can I stop sabotaging myself?”

** “My whole life works: My kids are great, I love my career, I have wonderful friends… everything is great… apart from… my love life. What can I do about that?”

I will also answer some live questions during this call.

You are most welcome to come along and find out if channeled guidance might be helpful to you.

If you would like to join this free webinar please sign up via the following link:

I am very much looking forward to meeting you and to channeling for you during this webinar.

With much love